Kickstarter has put some mighty creative projects in the public eye, but few spark the imagination and product-lust that this crazy rig inspires. Meet Dieter Sturm and Jeff Seymour, founders of Jet Machines Extreme (JME) and creators of the Jet Vest.

That's right — these two men actually cobbled together their very own jetpack. Unlike the more dangerous hydrogen peroxide–fueled rocket belts spotted at the Super Bowl and the Olympics, this version uses actual Jet A rocket fuel to power the engines — four of them, actually, slapped together and mounted onto the vest. With each micro jet turbine capable of 100 pounds of thrust, the combined pack should be more than enough to give a full-grown adult some lift-off. And thanks to the choice of fuel, the vest is safer and less expensive to operate: It costs roughly $20 per flight, not $1,400.

Speaking of bargains, Sturm and Seymour are only asking for $30,000 to invest in this futuristic gizmo. For a Kickstarter project, that's a mere pittance. But there's a downside: Pledging doesn't constitute a pre-order. In fact, this isn't intended for personal use at all, just sponsored flights at large-scale events. In other words, no matter how much you give, you won't be getting one of these shipped to your house. But if you have $5,000 to blow, at least that does include a tethered flight.

To learn more about this project, check out the Kickstarter page here.