The worst thing about 3D isn’t the occasional nausea or even the “huh?” factor of giving the 3D treatment to stupid movies. Arguably it’s the uncomfortable, ill-fitting glasses that make you feel like a dorktastic reject from the audio/visual squad. It’s even worse if you already wear glasses, because then you have to double up on the face wear.

Enter the “Stix” 3D sticker concept. Just peel off the stickers and apply them to your existing lenses. They spare grease marks from your fingers, as well as space in landfills, since it means less waste from disposable glasses.

Even if your sight is 20/20, geek glasses are super chic these days, and Stix would work just as well on a pair of clear, non-prescription lenses. This way, everyone could have a pair of 3D glasses that they love and that fit well. Plus, there’s no worry about any funk left over from previous wearers. That’s an epic win.

It’s amazing that no one’s thought of this before. Seems like 3D is here to stay, so an ingenious product maker could make a killing if they bring this concept to market.

[via Pop Gadget, source Yanko Design]