TechnoBuffalo has been in the unboxing game for years, but it is clear that there is a new master in town, and we are but a learner compared to him.

Sesame Street has been doing a lot of fun things on its YouTube channel lately, and one of its latest quickly made its way around the TechnoBuffalo office on Friday. "Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Unboxes a Lunchbox" was all I needed to see to know we were all about to get schooled.

Jon Rettinger sent me the link, and the following conversation happened over instant messages shortly after I watched it.

Sean P. Aune:
I don't know how to tell you this, Jon … you will never be this good

Jonathan Rettinger:
dude I agree

We are fully willing to learn from this video and take onboard all of the lessons it has to offer us as to how we can improve our unboxing game. The first step? Way more notes from our mommies.

Enjoy your weekend folks, and know that we are learning everything we can from Cookie Monster's unboxing techniques.