Contrast, the upcoming puzzler with an emphasis on shadows and storyline, has gone up for pre-order on Steam. This PC title will drop on Nov. 15, and snagging it before that date will save you $5.

“Why pre-order a digital game,” you might ask? Well, Contrast pre-orders secure three sweet things if you sould go the route of the Collector’s Edition. You’ll get 20% off the title, and you’ll immediately receive the soundtrack and a digital “programme” that rocks a dev diary and art book to tide you over until this releases.

The trailer that arrived with today’s news of pre-orders going live packs a good look at gameplay, the importance of shadows and a swanky jazz background. Personally speaking, these combined elements put Contrast right up my alley.

We’ll have more on Contrast as it comes. Until then, flip through a gallery for the game below.