smart contact lens computer

A group of research organizations, including two Samsung departments, have developed a a new nano-material that could make smart contact lenses (like Google Glass but right on your eyeball) a reality.

“Our goal is to make a wearable contact-lens display that can do all the things Google Glass can do,” project leader Jang-Ung Park, a chemical engineer at the Ulsan National Institute, told MIT Technology Review.

To create a contact lens with a computer in it, Park and his team fixed a light-emitting diode onto a soft contact lens that can be purchased off the shelf. The group then attached the diode using a combination of graphene and silver nanowire. The smart contact lens design was then tested on rabbits (who have eyes similar to our own) with no negative reactions recorded.

The technology is still a long way off, with just a single pixel mounted to each contact lens, and won’t be competing with Google Glass in the emerging wearable technology market anytime soon. However, there’s a clear appeal to the design, which is more inconspicuous and less awkward than Google’s approach.