Considered the darling of Silicon Valley’s growing infatuation with electric cars, it often seems as though Tesla can do no wrong. But thanks to the disastrous launch of its Model X, the upstart automaker has fallen among the ranks in a new Consumer Reports list.

Released Monday, the new report placed Tesla at number 25 out of 29 for reliability, with many reviewers finding issue with Tesla’s crossover SUV. Among the problems, consumers cited the vehicle’s constant malfunctions as a major pain point, including with the falcon-wing doors.

These issues have come to overshadow what makes the Model X so attractive—range, speed, interior amenities—nearly a year after its release. With a starting price of $74,000, consumers expect a certain level of quality that Tesla has been unable to uphold. Previously, Consumer Reports ranked the Model X as the sixth least reliable car of 2016.

Being an early adopter sucks

On the flip side, Consumer Reports gave the Model S an unprecedented score of 103 out of 100, so Tesla is certainly capable of making a good car.

“We are committed to making the world’s most reliable cars,” a Tesla spokesperson said in response to yesterday’s Consumer Reports list. “The amount of issues we’ve addressed with Model X has fallen by 92% in the last 12 months, a reflection of our ability to make continuous improvements and react quickly.”

Buick, Lexus and Toyota were among the top rated automakers for reliability, with Dodge, Fiat and Chrysler among the worst.