We're not surprised by this, especially since it's fairly obvious, but Consumer Reports recently published a… report… that clearly shows the iPhone 5 isn't alone when it comes to the highly talked-about "purple haze" problem. As a refresher, users began complaining about the iPhone 5 camera lens after images surfaced showing a clear purple halo around a light source, such as the sun, in photos.

Consumer Reports said that the iPhone 5 purple haze didn't appear in a "more pronounced a fashion than did the iPhone 4S or two Android-based smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, when we tested those under the same conditions." The consumer advocate site also found that the hue changed colors at times and even appeared as a rainbow. I myself have seen the rainbow halo plenty of times in images shot with mobile devices.

So, ultimately as I've argued before, the purple haze problem isn't limited to the iPhone 5, but rather to the small camera lenses on most mobile devices. Time to lay this issue to rest.

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