Constantine is a tough man to kill. NBC tried to kill him off back in 2015, but he came back on Arrow later that year. Now, it sounds like he’ll be cropping up on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – and for a couple episodes, at that.

According to a press release from Warner Bros., actor Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow‘s upcoming season, which begins tonight. You’ll have to wait a bit, though – the character doesn’t show up until episodes 9 and 10.

The same way Marvel has shows all over the place these days, DC Comics has run shows on a variety of networks in the last few years. One of those experiments was Constantine on NBC. It had its share of fans, but the show struggled on a mainstream network the same way Supergirl did on CBS. Fans hoped the CW would take over the show, much as the network ended up doing for Supergirl, but it never happened. That Arrow guest appearance was all that we got of Constantine until now. There have been hints and outright namedrops. Legends executive producer Phil Klemmer said “it would be a crime” for the magician not to appear on Legends at some point, and said more recently that he’d be appearing in the show’s third season to perform “an exorcism.”

And while it doesn’t look like Johnny is getting his own live-action show anytime soon, CW is investing in the character as part of its free CW Seed service. The character – once again voiced by Matt Ryan – is getting his own online animated series set to air sometime next year. CW has been working to connect these shows to the Arrowverse, with the Vixen animation already set to connect to Legends of Tomorrow, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see something in Legends link back to the upcoming series.

Meanwhile, Legends of Tomorrow debuts tonight, October 10, at 9 p.m. EST.