Move vs. Kinect is the focus of Console Wars Season 2, and in this third round, LP takes a look at the killer apps that could potentially decide which system is right for you.

The Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect were released within just a few months of one another, and that immediately set up a Move vs. Kinect argument amongst gamers.  The first round of this season was all about the actual hardware, and the Kinect was awarded the point for that round.  Round 2 was for the all important precision & accuracy of the controllers, and the Sony Move got the point there, tying up the fight at a score of 1-to-1.  Now as we move into round 3, series host LP takes a look at the killer apps.

Game systems can be made or broken on the strength of their software offerings.  If there are no "must have" games, then why are you bothering to pick up the system?  After discussing the game selection for both systems, LP decides on a category that will allow the systems to fight it out on an equal footing, and it ends up being the closest round yet with no clear winner ever becoming apparent until he finally gives you the answer.  You could almost call this round a nail biter.

Who do you think will win this round?  After this, it's three more rounds before we crown a champ, so be sure to tune in for them all.  Which side are you on?  Also, make sure to sound off in the comments to let LP know what you would like to see covered in the remaining rounds.

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