We’re using the word “confirmed” here with a grain of salt, but The Wall Street Journal is saying that “a source familiar with the matter” has confirmed to them that Tuesday’s Verizon announcement will finally see the popular smartphone make its way to the United States largest carrier.

Again, we warn you to take this with a grain of salt due to it being an unnamed source, but we have to admit the anecdotal evidence is just pretty much overwhelming.  You’ve got an employee vacation blackout at Apple stores for three weeks beginning at the end of this month, the fact that Verizon has been dropping anvil-sized hints all over CES this week and you’ve got the fact we’ve heard it from just about every source imaginable.

And, oh yeah, common sense.

In short, the Tuesday Verizon announcement is about the iPhone, we just don’t know a firm release date, which version of the phone it is, pricing plans or any other details.  What we do know is that we can finally kiss AT&T good-bye as lording this device over everyone.

Speaking from the experience of watching our own Jon Rettinger here in Las Vegas fight with his iPhone here during CES (the call between us was dropped while discussing this story), I can say without a doubt I wouldn’t put up with AT&T for anything.  Now people in this country will have a choice of carriers for it, just like people in other countries have for some time now.

We can only imagine how many more handsets Apple will sell this quarter, but our gut feeling is that Apple is about to have another doozy of a quarter.

What say you?  Will you switch carriers or finally buy your first iPhone based on this Verizon iPhone news?