Wired on iPad

Condè Nast has experienced huge success in making its publications — such as GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair and Wired — available on the iPad. But thanks to all that fancy digital content, the company has been encouraging users to drop their print subscriptions rather than pay for both.

From today, however, the company has finally given its print subscribers free access to the digital iPad editions of its magazines. That means if you subscribe to one of the publications that is available on the iPad, you no longer have to pay for it again to access all of that wonderful digital content.

It’s no surprise that Condè Nast is improving its service for iPad users. The company has seen magazine sales increase dramatically on Apple’s slate since the introduction of Newsstand with iOS 5 — an application that takes all magazine and newspaper downloads and organizes them in one place.

According to Condè Nast, iPad sales have increased by 94% for GQ, 169% for Wired, and a staggering 245% for Vanity Fair. Jamie Young, Digital Director for Condè Nast Britain, says that its users will also benefit from Newsstand:

Our existing readers will benefit from the ease of access to subscribe, while the prominent inclusion of our brands in Newsstand will allow an even higher level of ‘discoverability’.  Ultimately this should lead to greater subscription growth.

Whether or not the company’s iPad success continues after the novelty of Newsstand wears off remains to be seen, but for the time being, Condè Nast is one of many publishers that have seen a sales boost thanks to Apple’s new feature. The introduction of free iPad issues for print subscribers will certainly help maintain its success, with customers less likely to give up their subscriptions in favor of the digital edition.

Are you pleased that Condè Nast’s iPad magazines are now free for print subscribers?

[via Macgasm]