In some far off fantasy tech dreamland, there exists an iPad that features an edge-to-edge, holographic display, DSLR caliber camera technology and Near Field Communication capabilities. This dreamland is actually the Internet, and on the Internet, anything is possible. Just imagine: no more unsightly bezels, no more wimpy cameras and no more staring at your games on a flat surface. I want this, and I want it now.

While the above video hasn't quite become a reality, it doesn't mean companies aren't imagining future possibilities. Aatma Studio has come up with a pretty wild concept demonstrating the above mentioned technologies, and I think we could all agree that an iPad like this (or whatever tablet you prefer) would be pretty darn awesome. I mean, holographic football! It's like having R2-D2, but in a tablet.

Check out the concept video, and then let us know what your dream tablet would be.