Back in 2016, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Apple’s Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is aiming to introduce an iPhone that looks like a single sheet of glass — and now a new concept image has surfaced, showing what the final product could look like.

The creator, Daniel Csonth, expects the all-glass design to debut on the iPhone 8, though that’s looking increasingly unlikely, with a recent report pointing towards the next-generation iPhone sporting a stainless steel frame and two glass panels. He created this single concept image:

We’re not ruling it out for the future, though, as a lot of the technology required already exists. As noted by 9to5Mac, it’s possible to embed speakers and light sensors within displays, and there are some ideas about how to do the same with camera modules.

The recently-rumored function area is a step in the right direction

In addition, Apple is reportedly axing the physical home button from the iPhone 8, in favor of a new function area that includes the home key and fingerprint sensor, which is major step towards eliminating bezels and producing the all-glass, likely all-screen handset Ive envisions.