As we wait for the much anticipated arrival of Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs, which comes out May 27, Conan O'Brien had the opportunity to give his expert opinion on the open world thriller. On his always-entertaining Clueless Gamer segment, O'Brien explores the fictional Chicago world, wreaking havoc and otherwise just being a public nuisance. Of course, O'Brien displays his typical bafoonery, and he certainly has no issue poking fun at the video gaming culture.

"The action used to be 'slay the dragon,'" O'Brien laments. "Now it's, 'Let's go into a basement and play with computers.'"

Hacking is obviously the biggest component of Watch_Dogs, giving players ultimate power over not only those around them, but their surroundings. You're able to see the stats of every living character in the game, and you can tap into any stop light, ATM, and more since the city is run on a single operating system. It's a bit of a dystopian look at the potential future of technology. And you're the one in control.

Despite O'Brien repeatedly admitting he isn't a gamer, and doesn't care about video games, his Clueless Gamer bits are really funny, even if they do poke fun at the game themselves. Watch_Dogs has been in development for years now, and nearly came out as a launch title at the end of last year. But finally the game is ready to come out, launching this upcoming Tuesday. Until then, you can catch O'Brien's verdict in the video above.