It has become sort of a tradition for Conan O’Brien to take his Clueless Gamer segment on the road for the Super Bowl. He usually books two athletes from the competing teams and invites them over for a session of Clueless Gamer: Super Bowl Edition. Super Bowl 51 will feature the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, so Conan managed to score a play-date with Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons pass rusher Dwight Freeney for few rounds of For Honor—and it’s utterly hilarious.

We’ve already heard all the pundits and Madden predictions for the game, but there’s no better way than a game of For Honor to predict the outcome of a Super Bowl. Let’s just say it’s looking good for the New England Patriots.

It’s a given that most athletes at the Super Bowl probably don’t have a lot of time to play video games too much during the season, given all the practice and dedication they put to their craft, but seeing them fail pretty badly at these games is kind of satisfying. Neither Tom Brady nor Dwight Freeney were particularly good, but someone had to emerge victorious. Call it the best of the worst.

After tons of stabbing, punching and sheathing, Tom Brady managed to emerge victorious with Valkyrie over Conan O’Brien, capping off an emphatic mic drop of the controller. Granted, O’Brien may not be the best competition around, but a win is a win. He also managed to beat Dwight Freeney.

Gaming earned Tom Brady a trophy hecould never win withfootball

Tom Brady may possess four Super Bowl rings, three Super Bowl MVPs, two NFL MVP awards and a super model wife, but he had never won the Ultimate Blade Master Extreme Trophy, or as Conan put it, “the most important award of his life.” It tastefully features a decapitated head with a helmet boasting menacing horns with blood streaming down the base.

Tom Brady was out of words when he received the trophy, only mustering two words in his acceptance speech: “it’s beautiful.”

Past Clueless Gamer alumni Ron Gronkowski, Marshawn Lynch and Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount make a surprise appearance toward the end of the video. They play a few rounds, with Gronkowski coming out victorious over Lynch, or as he’s better known, Beast Mode.