comScore Q4 2011The mobile market did nothing but go up last year, topping off the last three months with a whopping 97.9 million Americans age 13 and older owning a smartphone – that accounts for 40 percent of the 234 million Americans who used a mobile device, the figures from comScore show.

Among the most popular OSes was Google’s Android, which captured 47.3 percent of the market share. Apple slotted in at number two with 29.6 percent of the smartphone market, while RIM maintained its shaky place at third with 16 percent. Microsoft (4.7 percent) and Symbian (1.4 percent) rounded out the top five.

As far as OEMs, Samsung unsurprisingly took top spot with 25.3 percent of the U.S. mobile market, while LG (20 percent) and Motorola (13.3 percent) took second and third place, respectively. Apple came in just under Motorola with 12.4 percent, with RIM topping off with 6.7 percent.

Other interesting figures collected by comScore showed that in December 2011, 74.3 percent of mobile users sent texts; 47.6 percent downloaded apps; 47.5 percent browsed the web; and 31.4 percent played games.

The war for market share will continue and continue, and continue. Android clearly has a leg up with almost 50 percent of the current smartphone market, but Apple is proving tough competition, maintaining 30 percent of the market. With tons more Android phones reportedly set to be revealed at Mobile World Congress, the 50 percent figure only looks to go up as the year goes on.

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