Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5-Home Button

The latest comScore data, which should never influence your preference in OEM or OS, paints a familiar picture: Android and iOS are dominating, while Apple and Samsung continue to gulp marketshare. During a three month period ending in January, both Samsung and Apple raised their customer base, with the Korean company seeing the biggest change. Android, meanwhile, actually fell during the last three months, while iOS grew. BlackBerry fell below Windows Phone, which didn’t go up or down, according to comScore.

Seeing BlackBerry go down isn’t a surprise given the lack of interest around the company’s OS. On the Windows Phone front, the market has been relatively stagnant, though a huge update is expected to land in April, with the introduction of features such as Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri-like digital assistant. Android’s slight dip was likely due to the lack of new releases, though that’s going to change in a hurry with the Galaxy S5 and All New HTC One on the horizon. Apple actually gained 1.0 percentage points.


As far as smartphone OEMS is concerned, Apple still has a handy lead over Samsung, at 41.6-percent compared to Samsung’s 26.7-percent. However, Samsung saw the fastest growth over the most recent period, so the company is definitely gaining on its biggest rival. No other OEM is even in double figures, with LG, Motorola and HTC rounding out the top five. Notable absences from the list of OEMs are Nokia and BlackBerry, both of which offer devices with struggling mobile operating systems. Although HTC is included in the list, it actually saw a decline of 1.3 percentage points, which is a pretty significant number.

Again, this data should in no way influence your preference in OEM or OS, but it does highlight the direction the mobile market is going. Neither Android or iOS can be touched, and Samsung and Apple are the only companies with double digit marketshare. That’s unlikely to change in the near future, or ever, considering how strong each company’s mobile portfolio is.