Google Plus CirclesAccording to new data from comScore, users spend more time on MySpace than on Google+. In non-geek speak, that’s like throwing a birthday party that nobody attends. Or as the WSJ said, “A virtual ghost town.”

That’s not what figures from Google Chief Executive Larry Page would have consumers believe, though. Since launching in June, the social network has attracted over 90 million users to register an account – certainly an impressive figure. But the comScore data clearly shows not much happens after that.

Between September 2011 and January 2012, comScore said that Google+ users only spent an average of three minutes on the site over an entire month, while MySpace users neared the ten minute mark. Honestly, I didn’t even know MySpace still existed.

Facebook users, on the other hand, spent an average of 405 minutes in Zuckerberg’s online wonderland. That’s almost seven hours. Maybe Google+ users have better things to do than virtually hang out?

Google has pushed it’s social network pretty hard as of late, with the most recent integration seen in Google Voice. But just because a lot of people adopted Google+ early on doesn’t mean they’re active in the search-giant’s social community. The company has previously declined to say just how many “active” users are on Google+ every month.

ComScore’s data shows “not many.”

[via Marketing Land]

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