ComScore on Friday shared its latest figures for manufacturer marketshare and platform marketshare in the U.S., with results showing Apple as the top OEM, handily beating out Samsung. During a three month average ending in March, Apple's growth reflected an almost 3 percentage point change, while Samsung's grasp hardly made a blip at all. HTC, Motorola and LG all fell over the early months of this year, no doubt due to consumers holding out for newer releases.

CES, and by extension Mobile World Congress, was relatively light with big smartphone announcements, which may have lead to the slower growth for some companies. That, and many companies held solo events with devices slated to hit after March; that could explain HTC seeing a negative percentage point change before the HTC One. Samsung, too, only saw a 0.7 percentage point increase, while Apple rose 2.7 percentage points in large part to the iPhone 5.

As for smartphone platforms, Android saw a slight decrease, though its lead over Apple's iOS, which also went up 2.7 percentage points, is still rather sizable. Microsoft and BlackBerry did battle for the third and fourth spots, with BlackBerry currently winning out. BlackBerry's numbers might be worrying considering the company did release a new device and an entirely new platform, though folks still might be waiting for the Q10.

ComScore's latest figures reflect what's been a steady climb for Apple in the U.S., while Android interest seems to be tapering off a little. A recent survey suggested many teens still favored Apple's iPhone, while another survey revealed the Cupertino company has a more loyal following. ComScore's data corroborates those surveys, which could mean that iOS sitting as the top U.S. platform by 2015 doesn't seem all that looney.