When you're dealing with important documents and papers, PDF is the go-to file type. The problem is that PDF documents can be notoriously fussy and restrictive to deal with if you want to do anything more than just reading or printing something. The Mac PDF Processing Bundle can help with that, and you can get it now from TechnoBuffalo for $29.99.

The Mac PDF Processing Bundle includes four programs designed to give you control of your PDF files. PDF Converter allows you to convert up to 200 PDF files at a time to .docx, .pages, .rftd, and more. You can even extract pictures from PDFs and convert them into image files. PDF Creator, on the other hand, lets you do the opposite, and turn any document or web page into a PDF, keeping it safe from edits or changes. With PDFPasswordRemover, you can remove any encryption to view a PDF, allowing you to transfer confidential documents and view them with ease. Finally, PDFCompressor allows you to shrink your huge PDFs to manageable file sizes, compressing 500 pages of PDFs in about a minute.

The Mac PDF Processing Bundle is a $139.96 value, but TechnoBuffalo is offering readers a special price, so you can get it now for only $29.99.