iPhone 5 mockupWas someone nice enough to get you an iPhone as a holiday gift? Don't get too comfortable with it, because a new rumor is suggesting the next iteration could possibly be everything the iPhone 4S was not. When can we expect it? A close BGR source is claiming Apple iPhone 5 may be  launching during fall of next year, aligning it with the same timeframe as the iPhone 4S. Not only that, but it'll come with that aluminum redesign everyone has been clamoring for.

According to BGR's source, the next device will "use a rubber or plastic material — similar to the material used in the company's bumper cases — that will be built into the new iPhone case." BGR speculates the new materials will serve to not only join the front glass and the aluminum back plate, but protect an all new, redesigned antenna system.

Of course, "close sources" don't always have the best track records, so take this one with a grain of salt, Buffalo. Since rumors began surfacing about Apple's fabled iPhone 5, consumers have lusted after an aluminum body style similar to that of the iPad 2. With no changes coming to the iPhone 4S design-wise, it's not difficult to imagine Apple going this route in order to keep things fresh and differentiate itself from previous iterations. Whether it'll come equipped with a bigger screen or LTE remains to be seen.

What kind of design changes do you want to see in the next iPhone release?