Seeing photos or watching a video of a smartphone is great when you want to see it in action or gaze lovingly at its sleek form factor or other design touches. But when it comes to size, it can be hard to really “get” how big or small the device is in real life.

Enter forehead-slapping wonder Visitors to the site can just plug in the screen size and aspect ratio of their monitors, and get a real world representation of just how huge that Galaxy Note really is. (Now why didn’t we think of that?) Interested in a different phone? No problemo. Just hit the drop-down menu to add it to the comparison. The site covers more than 90 handsets from the major makers.

Users can also tweak the size for a more accurate depiction — say, by adding the device you already own and physically comparing it to the rendered one onscreen first. There’s even a nifty little “Toggle Screens” button that illustrates the resolution of the screen by showing the same photo (of candy) on each display. (More candy indicates higher res.)

But don’t take my word for it. You can go ahead and check it out for yourself by clicking here.