Over the last few years I have become increasingly annoyed at the variations in volume between the show I am watching and the commercials therein. This poses a problem when you are watching television, the kids are asleep and the commercial starts blaring ultra-loud. You then scramble to the remote in an effort to turn the volume down as to not wake the little ones.

Soon we will not have to worry about this annoyance anymore, although it has in fact taken an act of Congress, memorexadphotoThe House of Representatives has approved the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, better known as CALM. The act has already cleared the Senate and is now on it’s way to President Obama’s desk for final validation.

The new legislation will require that all advertisers modulate their volume down to match the volume so it’s no higher that the program you are watching. The task of enforcing this new law will be given to our friends at the FCC.

Now here is the comical part, a one year leniency period will be allowed for all those advertisers that have difficulty figuring out volume levels. Let me ask you what could possibly take a year to figure out on a simple volume level issue? Really now, I modulate volume on my review videos on a daily basis, it’s not that hard.

Anyway we won’t have to deal with those obnoxious commercial volume levels for much longer, as if anyone watches real time Television anymore anyway. I honestly DVR 90 percent of my content now a days and simply fast forward through the ads.