The untimely cancellation of the Command & Conquer reboot Victory Games had been working on might only be a temporary situation. EA has announced that after shutting down Victory Games, another team will stand up to takes its place.

Command & Conquer, no sub-titles or numbers anywhere to be found in the name, was going to be a free-to-play game, but fans rejected the emphasis on multiplayer and lackluster single player campaign. The beta test was scheduled to open later next year, but it had only made it to the alpha phase.

Some gamers bought EA's C&C The Ultimate Collection simply to take part in the beta, to which EA had this to say.

"For those of you who bought The C&C Ultimate Collection, your early access to the beta will be honored once production of this title resumes under a new studio."

Who knows where Command & Conquer is going to end up, but I'm hoping that EA Los Angeles is somewhere on EA's radar. It might not have been perfect, but Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 is closest the series ever came to its roots over the past decade, ever since the shutter of Westwood Studios.

Any thoughts or dreams on Command & Conquer? Isn't that 1995 box art still sweet?