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The effects of Amazon's ComiXology purchase are already being felt. The digital comic book seller this week announced it plans on retiring its app in favor of a read-only version for iOS, and will instead require users to purchase content directly from the company's website. You'll still be able to sync your account, though you'll simply need to go through more steps in order to get your favorite new comic or graphic novel. The decision is obviously business-related, ensuring Apple and Google don't get their share of the in-app revenue.

As a result of the change, ComiXology is handing out $5 vouchers to customers, which will automatically be applied to a user's account. Amazon's influence is clearly taking hold, though the change isn't all that unexpected. Customers, however, are already voicing their displeasure on social networks such as Twitter; some buyers argue that the change will put a stop to impulse buys, meaning the change could potentially lead to a big decline in sales.

Amazon pulled a similar move with its Kindle app on iOS, removing the ability to purchase books directly from within the app to skirt paying any sort of extra fees. You'll still be able to read your comics like you have been normally, though you won't be able to purchase anything directly from within the app. You'll have to do all of your purchasing from a computer instead, which is an inconvenience, but not all that terrible.