Comcast announced this week that its Xfinity app for the Xbox 360 is going away.

It’s unclear right now if this is the company breaking the tie between consoles and its service or clearing the shelf to make way for something new. When Windows Central contacted the cable giant for clarification, it simply said that it is “removing [the app] to make way for new updates and improvements to our online experience for customers.”

It may be that Comcast rather concentrate on its own already ubiquitous set-top boxes and X1 platform, or it could be getting ready to launch a new software package for users, too.

The Xfinity app was, at the time of release, criticized in the net neutrality argument for allowing users to access Comcast content without it affecting their used bandwidth, giving it a potential advantage over Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. While that was a very valid concern, it didn’t keep the services from growing by the millions since.

The Xfinity app disappears on September 1.