Comcast has earned a fair amount of bad press in the past few months as it pushes forward with a controversial plan to swallow up Time Warner Cable, but a new feature the company is introducing this week could help win over some of its more tech savvy critics. Comcast updated its cloud-based X1 DVR service today, letting some customers watch pre-recorded TV from any device with an Internet connection.

The broadband giant has been slowly rolling out cloud DVR over the past year, and now it’s expanding to the Bay Area in California and Houston, Texas. Customers in both regions will now be able to watch recorded content using the Xfinity TV mobile app, or save a video to a device for later offline viewing. Even better, while at home you can actually stream live TV and on-demand programming to your tablet or phone.

The same service is already available in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia and D.C., and the company says it hopes to cover all X1 customers by the end of the year. It’s possible you already have access to these features even if you don’t realize it. You can download the Xfinity TV app for Android or iOS to find out, or hit the source link below for more information.