Comcast doesn't want your eyeballs floating over to the computer screen, looking at YouTube videos day-in and day-out. No, no, it wants your eyeballs right on the television, watching the shows it spoon feeds you through your cable connection each month. Don't cut the cord! Comcast has cable to sell you and boxes to rent out. In an effort to draw you even closer, the cable company will begin testing its own YouTube competitor by the end of this year, according to statements made by an executive.

Comcast's senior vice president of video Matt Strauss recently confirmed that Comcast will roll out its new video channels to select customers as part of a trial to test how well it works. The service will only operate on Comcast's X1 set-top boxes, Strauss told GigaOm and, like YouTube, content creators will be able to upload the videos that they shoot, which will then be available on X1 set-top boxes for users who have Comcast's custom application installed.

Presumably the company will work to get as many high-profile content creators onboard as quickly as possible, otherwise there's probably little incentive to leave YouTube. Keep in mind there are still rumors Yahoo wants to launch its own YouTube competitor, too, so Comcast certainly won't be alone in trying to attract popular YouTubers. GigaOm said that Comcast will also likely use the product to provide streams to international TV content.

No word on what the service is called yet or how limited the tests will be, but we'll let you know as Comcast advances in this arena.