Earlier this month, rumors surfaced that Dish was considering a possible merger with T-Mobile. Now it turns out the satellite TV provider may face some competition from Comcast, according to a report from Manager Magazin in Germany.

Unlike Dish, which is apparently proposing a merger, Comcast wants to buy T-Mobile outright. That second option could be a lot more appealing to the carrier’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom. However, the report notes that the German firm still hasn’t made a final decision.

Just because Deutsche Telekom agrees to a deal doesn’t mean it will be approved. After all, Comcast’s recent attempt to buy Time Warner Cable was eventually blocked by the FCC. It’s possible the same thing could happen again.

Of course, a T-Mobile deal likely wouldn’t be quite as controversial. The two companies offer very different services. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to succeed either. Comcast isn’t particularly popular, and any deal that gives the cable giant even more power would likely be viewed with suspicion.