Comcast vanComcast’s monthly Internet data cap is getting less sucky, with a twist. The company announced on Thursday that, going forward, it will give its customers a bit more freedom by upping its current limit of 250GB to 300GB. That’s definitely good news for folks who stream Netflix vids all day and night. However, the increased limit is spurning the Internet provider to pilot two new “trial improved data management approaches” in different markets across the U.S.

First, Comcast will offer a 300GB base allotment for Internet Essentials, Economy and Performance Tiers, with increased data allotment for its Blast and Extreme plans. There will also be an option to get an extra 50GB for a rate of $10 for those who burn through data. The second plan simply offers 300GB/month with the option to add an additional 50GB for $10.

The company said it will suspend its current usage cap as it transitions to its new approach, while concurrently contacting “excessive” data users.

“Our goal with this improved approach, these consumer trials, and our continued investment in our network is to create products that meet the needs of all of our residential customers (even the heaviest users) and provide everyone with a choice,” Comcast said in a blogpost.

Controversy has surrounded Comcast recently as its Xfinity Xbox app flew right in the face of net neutrality. Currently, the Xfinity app doesn’t contribute to monthly data caps, while other services like Hulu, HBO GO and Netflix do. It will be interesting to see how it affects its Xfinity app when Comcast launches these new upped plans.

[via Comcast]