It's already been a few years since Google Fiber was first announced, and now it looks like Comcast is finally ready to follow suit with a gigabit service of its own. The company teased the news on Tuesday as part of an announcement from Broadcom concerning new cable modem chips that will power the upcoming network.

Specifically, the new chip promises to move data more efficiently by making use of the latest DOCSIS 3.1. specification. That means higher download speeds by almost 50 percent. New speeds should top 1Gbps, though ArsTechnica notes that it still may not match the speeds of Google Fiber and other competing gigabit networks.

Still, it's good to hear that Comcast is finally catching up to the competition, especially considering how many Americans have no other option when it comes to picking an Internet provider. According to Comcast executive vice president Tony Werner, the new service should be available "in 2015 and beyond." Even better, Comcast ads that the gigabit network will rollout at scale, so hopefully most customers will get access this year.