Comcast is testing a new Internet Plus package that includes 25Mbps broadband, broadcast TV and HBO and HBO Go access. The offer is, essentially, the closest thing we've seen to an à la carte HBO Go option, which has up until now been one of the more requested propositions in technology. Is this a result of Netflix's recent quarterly results? Maybe, maybe not—the timing certainly suggests so.

Comcast's new plan acknowledges that, hey, maybe consumers don't want a ton of channels they don't watch just so they can subscribe to HBO. The new plan isn't exactly the same as paying for Netflix by itself, but it's close. You get Internet and HBO Go, which is what people want—very badly so. The price of the plan ranges from $40-$50 depending on what market you're in, and goes up to $70-$80 after a year; that still isn't bad if all you want is Internet and one terrific source of content.

Since you're only getting the very basic broadcast TV, you'll be without channels such as TNT, ESPN and more, so pick your poison. Unless someone is willing to give you their HBO Go login credentials, Comcast's new Internet Plus plan might be the best chance you have of watching Games of Thrones.