The Coleco Chameleon has been the talk of the retro gaming crowd for a few months now, showing up in a surprise announcement, having a presence at a recent toy show and revealing plans a Kickstarter campaign.

That Kickstarter campaign has been put on hold by the company as it’s surrounded by accusations of scamming potential customers.

Frank Cifaldi took to Twitter a few weeks ago to highlight the evidence in two tweets. First, indicating that the thing they had on hand at Toy Fair was an SNES Jr., and second, the board in the system on Facebook was literally just an old PCI card.

Cifaldi does not take credit for the discovery. He points towards the Atari Age forums, which we’ve sourced below.

As for the folks making the system? They say they’re delaying the Kickstarter to “make it even better!” Their Facebook update notes the accusations as well.

There has also been a whirlwind of interest, speculation and curiosity regarding the insides of the Chameleon. We are delighted by this and happy to confirm that we will be releasing photographs of the system now on our Facebook page, and we’ll focus on turning our prototype into a production-ready product.

Those images? They aren’t super convincing, but here they are.

Be wary of this one, folks. Let’s see how RetroVGS handles the accusations moving forward.