For every iPhone or iPad out there, there’s a thousand different cases. I’ve seen the madness first hand—it’s overwhelming. You could probably cycle through a new iPhone case everyday for an entire year and still not see a quarter of what’s out there. And yet, the market continues to balloon. It won’t stop.

ColcaSac, a Utah-based accessories maker, is different, unique. Rather than sculpt a case with cheap plastic or rubber, the company is taking a much more refined approach to the world of gadget protection. These aren’t cases per se, sleeves more like, which is precisely why I like them so much. But what’s particularly notable about ColcaSac gear is that it’s incredibly durable, made of sustainable goods, and quite nice to look at.

I don’t personally use a case with my phone—naked always and forever. But a sleeve? That I can support, especially if it’s for my iPad or company MacBook Air. ColcaSac gear is designed with a heavy-duty hemp canvas for maximum protection, while the inside of the sleeves are made of soft recycled polyester fleece. It’s like warm, comfortable boots for electronics.

The company claims that its hemp, bamboo and jute materials are much less harmful to the Earth compared to neoprene because they’ll naturally biodegrade—hemp itself is easy to sustain, and requires no pesticides or herbicides for upkeep. Not only that, but ColcaSac uses recycled packaging that can be recycled further, and biodegrade as well.

ColcaSac’s gear truly does feel strong and protective. The sleeves we received were a little snug for our liking—you really have to tug to get them on, like trying to fit into pants that are one size too small—but they’re still excellent. They don’t feel the slightest bit cheap, and in fact will more than likely last the lifetime of your gadget—and then some.

The materials are strong, Earth friendly, and well designed. Save for the iPhone sleeve, each comes with a convenient pocket on the front with enough space for a charger, USB stick, or other similar accessories. The company also offers Kindle sleeves, shoulder bags and a number of different designs—we received Zagora and Uintag.

ColcaSac is different, and I like different, especially when it comes to gadget accessories. And what’s particularly great is that the company’s unique approach is backed up by strong materials and wonderful design. Additionally, if you’re unhappy with your purchase, ColcaSac offers a replacement or refund policy up to 60 days, and repairs up to 3 years. 

You’d be remiss not to consider one of ColcaSac’s sleeves for your next device.