Remember Coin? When it was announced back in 2013, it promised to shrink your bulky wallet into a single card. Well, after some production trouble, Coin is finally available to backers everywhere. So what’s it actually like to use it? Jon has had the card for a few weeks, and formulated his thoughts in the video above. In short, it’s great, but it still needs a lot of work.

What Coin does is collect a user’s credit, debit, gift and membership cards into a single, compact card. Just press a button, select the card you want, and swipe. That’s it. It’s a clever solution to a complex problem. And while it looks like using your phone might be the payment method of the future, solutions like Coin are making a case to jump on the “one card fits all” bandwagon.

Through Bluetooth Low Energy, Coin stores all your existing swappable cards in one master card, and lets you pay how you normally would. That means no more embarrassing pocket bulge—say good-bye to back problems. It’s a highly convenient solution that requires little effort from the end user—and it makes for a fun gadget to show off, too.

Coin hasn’t had the smoothest of launches, and even a few years after the card was first announced, Jon has run into a lot of issues while using it. But it has a lot of potential, and makes for a convenient way to cut down on fat wallets.

However, with solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and even Android Pay, you might not need a card at all in the future. Until that day comes, Coin, and others like it, are offering up a handy way to cram all your cards into something that’s much more manageable.

To hear more thoughts about Coin, and how it works, check out the video above.