It was just last week that I wrote an editorial about the failures of the Coin card. I argued that the company has been promising to ship the new payment option for several months now, but that it had failed to do so. And yet, just about a week later, things are starting to look up.


The company sent emails on Friday morning alerting early Coin backers that it’s beginning to ship units soon, and that some folks should expect shipping notices soon. I rolled my eyes; this isn’t the first time I’d heard that, but I still held out hope. Turns out, moments later, I actually did receive a USPS shipping notification.

This doesn’t mean everyone should expect the Coin right now, but if you did back it early you might want to check your inboxes to see if yours is indeed on the way.

I still won’t I’ll believe it until I see the Coin in my hands, but I’m getting ready to put my foot in my mouth.