Last week's "Prepare to Dine" teaser now has a title and a lot more information behind it. Famitsu has confirmed that the game is called Code Vein, and we can expect a full trailer with gameplay in early May.

For now, the basics are that this is an Unreal Engine 4 powered dungeon crawler RPG in the vein, oh no, of Bandai Namco's God Eater series. The franchise is a bigger hit in Japan than it is in the states, and if you need a point of reference, turn to Monster Hunter and you'll have a decent idea of what God Eater is.

The game takes place in a setting called "Vein," where the "Revenants" (vampire) roam the night, harvesting the blood of monsters to stay alive. Without this precious blood, they themselves transform into "Lost" and become a mindless monster on their own.

The game is 35 percent finished, and Bandai Namco will have more information on it this week.

Not quite Dark Souls, but I'll take it

I had originally hoped, with maybe expectations that were a little high, that Bandai Namco was sitting on its replacement for Dark Souls now that the series had come to a close. Not that there is anything wrong with the trailer above, but there is a world of difference between the caliber of gaming found in Dark Souls and the multiplayer extravaganza in God Eater.

I'm hoping that the team can do some serious soul searching and pull out all the stops for this release. We don't need another multiplayer dungeon crawler in the world.