It’s trailers like these that make me want to fire up my copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and dive back into the straightforward multiplayer experience for a weekend of rounds. The next DLC pack, Ascendance, is on its way to Xbox platforms on March 31 (PC and PlayStation will come later), and it looks like it’ll bring with it some interesting maps and game types.

First, the maps. Ascendance will offer four maps: Site 244, Climate, Perplex and Chop Shop. Here’s the image of each offered by Activision and Sledgehammer, in the order I listed just now.

And here’s how they’re described on the DLC’s official page.

Site 244

An alien spacecraft has crash landed, spilling its mysterious cargo under the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, USA. This medium to large three-lane map allows for any style of gameplay, focusing combat through the space ship’s fuselage and around the debris-littered landscape. Use the map-based scorestreak to crack open an alien spore and instantly enhance your perks and exoskeleton abilities.


Fight your way though a futuristic man-made utopia in this lush, climate-controlled biodome. In this small to medium sized circular map, land and water routes channel frenetic combat around the central island structure. Watch your step when the river water changes from an asset into a deadly bubbling obstacle.


Get vertical in Sydney as you fight to dominate this five-story modular apartment complex. Take the high ground or blast through the close quarters interior in this small to medium sized map. Adapt your strategy mid-match when construction drones shift apartment modules, creating new routes and cover positions.

Chop Shop

Think fast as you make your way through the black market exoskeleton industrial complex and engage in fast-paced shootouts in this medium sized, symmetrical map. Activate the map-based scorestreak to take control of an Advanced Repulsion Turret that radiates a deadly microwave EMP to help lock down key areas.

DLC buyers will also get a new zombie mode with the Ascendance Exo Zombies. It includes a new map featuring Burgertown, new enemies, new traps and a new gun.

Finally, you’ll be a two-in-one LMG/Shotgun called the OHM Werewolf. It looks pretty solid in the clip above.

So, what do you think of this DLC pack? Enough to get you back into Advanced Warfare for a quick stint? Did you ever leave? Have you even tried it? The Season Pass is selling for $49.99, though each piece of DLC is moving separately for $14.99.