Pixar’s latest movie, Coco, is being released in just over a month, but details about the movie have been surprisingly scarce. The only thing we know is the basic plot and its ties to Mexican heritage. Aside from that, things were on a need to know basis, but the veil has been pulled back thanks to a new clip and behind the scenes featurette that shows off Pixar’s signature storytelling and embracement of Mexican culture.

To refresh your memory a bit, Coco revolves around a young boy named Miguel. He’s trapped between embracing his love for music and his family’s disdain for it, although he doesn’t understand the reasoning for this. Somewhere along the way, he accidentally ventures into the Land of the Dead on his path to discovering his true calling.

The extended clip shows off the struggle Miguel goes through with his family. Working as a shoeshine boy, he begins polishing Mariachi’s boots, who also happens to be a musician. He begins encouraging him to sign up for the Dia de Muertos music competition and lends him his guitar to see what’s he’s got, but Miguel’s Abuelita picks it up with her sixth sense and dismantles the moment.

It goes without saying that the animation is gorgeous, and so too is the story, which continues to build upon Miguel’s tense relationship with his family.

The behind the scenes featurette called “Crafting Coco” explores how the Pixar team went to great lengths to understand and embrace Mexican culture in Coco. Early on in the development of the movie, one thing became clear—the movie was going to be about music just as much as it was going to be about family.

Music composer Michael Giacchino (Up) enlisted the help of songwriter Germain Franco and Cultural Music Consultant Camilo Lara to go down to Mexico to flesh out the music that would be incorporated into the movie. It turned out to be a little bit of everything. Elements of banda, norteña, carocha, and mariachi were all used in the soundtrack thanks in part to over 50 musicians from Mexico.

Both the short clip and behind the scenes featurette are worth a watch.

Coco is in theaters on November 22.