One of the year's biggest music festivals is going on right now and you're missing it. But that's ok, because the whole darn thing is being streamed over YouTube thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile. What's more hip than hoofing it out to the desert to suffer through annoying crowds and unbearable heat? Not spending unholy amounts of money and instead staring at YouTube.

Once you're done growing out that beard and curling your mustache, you can head over to and see a full schedule of this weekend's festivities. Bands such as The xx, Yeasayer and Phoenix are all playing today, and you can see every single one of them on your tablet, smartphone or TV—on your coach, outside on the porch and even in the bathroom. That's the convenience of modern technology. And no crowds!

This is the third year in a row YouTube has streamed Coachella, so it must be cool, right? Your friends are probably posting pictures from the event and bragging about how they're connecting with the bands and people and maybe complaining about how expensive water is. But who's better off, really? You're at home, with a burrito, watching the show without rubbing sweaty shoulders. Coachella started yesterday and wraps up tomorrow, April 14.

And then we'll know it's over because profile pictures will no longer be Coachella's lineup.