Final Fantasy Explorers

Despite the Nintendo 3DS being my number one go to gaming device these days, especially for JRPGs, Final Fantasy Explorers has not been very high on my priority list. It sounds like a cute way of bringing together classic job classes into a co-op muliplayer action RPG, but all in all, I’d much rather look forward to Bravely Second or further press Square Enix for Dragon Quest VII.

That being said, you’ll be able to play as more than just your own customizable characters in this game. During a livestream, translated by Gematsu, Square Enix showed off a new “trance” ability that would allow your hero to transform into classic Final Fantasy protagonists of old. Surprisingly, Square Enix turned to its older “go to” hero Cloud Strife to make the reveal.

Could it be that Square Enix finally has all the Lightning out of its system?

So far, Cloud remains the only special character on the roster, but he is almost guaranteed to be joined by Squall, Titus, Lightning, and the rest of the usual suspects.

Perhaps its because I’m up to my neck in Dragon Quest and Etrian Odyssey these days, but I’m not feeling the Final Fantasy nostalgia that I normally do. I don’t have much faith in Final Fantasy XV, nor can a multiplayer grind like this get me truly excited after Square Enix already pursued a similar style with the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles side series.

Maybe a few familiar faces is all it will take to get my Final Fantasy glands pumping chemicals through my body again. Which character would you like your avatar to transform into? I’m going to go with Red XIII, mostly because I want to sprawl around on all fours. Tired of these bipedal pre-teens saving the world. I want to be a flaming lion!