Clik Getting content from your mobile device to your TV or computer screen quickly can be a nightmare, but thanks to a new service called Clik, you can forget the need for any cables.

The Clik platform launched today and aims to bring content from mobile devices to any other device with a Web browser built in such as your computer or smart televisions.  In the proof of concept app you are currently limited to getting YouTube videos to the other devices, but the potential is immediately evident in other ways this could be used.

To connect the smartphone to the other device you simply launch the app and then go to where a QR code like you see above will appear.  You line up the blue dot that appears on your phone with the one on the screen and they are immediately synced together.  That’s it.  No cables needed.  From there on out you can look up videos and when you click play on them they appear on the other device, but you retain the controls to pause, advance and change the volume level on your phone.

While this is currently only working in this proof of concept test, the company is looking down the road to offering a software development kit that would allow app developers to integrate it into their projects.  Imagine being able to show the video you shot of Billy playing Little League on your TV any time you wanted with ease, and you can quickly see how this could finally make an easy bridge between your mobile and home life.

For those concerned about how this may potentially impact your mobile data usage, the good news is that it currently takes no more bandwidth than you use searching YouTube for videos or surfing the Web.  The device you are connected to does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the streaming side of the equation.

The app is now available for both iOS and Android, and it’s well worth a test drive to see what you think of this potential future for connected TV.


Announcing Clik, the First Smart TV Platform Designed

to Enable Developers to Create Apps That Connect Smartphones to TVs

First proof of concept app also launches today on iOS and Android

WATERLOO, Ontario—(February 16, 2012) —The Clik Smart TV platform officially launches today, allowing content providers and app developers to build apps that communicate with any screen with a browser. The platform was developed by the same minds that created Kik Messenger, one of the fastest growing mobile instant messenger applications, now used by millions of consumers worldwide.

Unlike other Device-to-TV solutions that require consumers to own multiple devices made by the same manufacturer, Clik enables developers to build apps that connect iOS or Android smartphones to any screen with a browser. This means, no special hardware or wires are required. And Clik will work on any mobile operator’s network, or even over WiFi. Clik provides a super-fast connection between the devices and the platform does all the heavy lifting, so developers can build their app using Web developer standards, avoiding the time consuming and expensive process of developing for mobile platforms.

The Clik platform is designed to power third-party apps, which showcase TV shows, movies, games, pictures and almost anything else imaginable. When new apps are built using the Clik technology, users can scan a code on any browser to take control of the screen, allowing them to lean back and discover and control content on their phones while enjoying that content on a TV or monitor. Best of all, Clik lets friends join in on the fun with multiplayer mode. Anyone with Clik can scan into the same screen, so people can share control of the screen, and share experiences in a social setting.

“The ability for highly personal mobile devices, like phones, to easily take control of computers, TVs, cars, and other expensive and complex devices is one of the most important megatrends in technology right now,” said Fred Wilson, managing partner at Union Square Ventures. “Clik’s approach to this problem is novel and slick, bordering on magic. You have to see it to believe it. It’s a game changer.”

“The beauty of Clik is both its simplicity and ability to bring almost any content to any screen, anytime,” said Ted Livingston, CEO of Clik. “For consumers, there is no new box to buy, and no extra software to install. With apps built inside Clik, consumers can instantly take control of their friends’ Smart TV and start watching videos, playing games, or listening to their favorite music—you’ve really got to experience it to believe it.”

Clik also is releasing the first app powered by this new technology, a YouTube app now available for download on iOS and Android as part of the Clik download available here. This first app lets users discover and control YouTube content on their phone and wirelessly stream videos to any screen with a browser. The YouTube app also allows users to start, stop, search, browse or create favorites, instantly.

How to use the Clik YouTube App:

1.     Download the app from iTunes or the Android marketplace here.

2.     Go to on any browser-enabled screen

3.     Open the app and scan the QR code for an instant connection.

The phone is now your remote control! Start enjoying YouTube videos by selecting them on your phone and watching them on your Smart TV. You can also invite friends to join in by having them scan the same screen, to seamlessly control the video playlist together.

Develop for Clik!

Developers interested in the Clik Smart TV platform should sign up for the private beta here: [email protected]

Try the Clik YouTube App for yourself:

Download the Clik app on your iPhone or Android device at

About Clik

Clik Interactive provides the easiest way to discover and control content on any screen, using a smartphone. Developed by the creators of Kik Messenger, the viral messaging app that boasts millions of users, Clik will redefine the way people interact with screens and the way developers and content providers deliver user experiences. The company, which was founded in 2009, is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. [press_end]