The first closed beta for Cliff Bleszinksi’s latest shooter, Lawbreakers, is nearly here. While it’ll be available on the show floor at PAX East next week, those of us not on the East coast have a chance at getting in later this month.

The beta will be on PC and run via Steam, and it’ll run from Thursday, March 16, to Sunday, March 19. Check out the source link below for the sign-up page.

Bleszinski is Back

When Cliff Bleszinski retired from Epic Games, it was a dark day. We wondered, who will give us the next big game mechanic after cover-based shooting? Who will invent the next ridiculous video game weapon to overtake Gears of War‘s Lancer?

Bleszinski announced his return with his new company, Boss Key Productions, a few years ago. With Lawbreakers just around the corner, we could be looking at the next big multiplayer shooter.

But the world Bleszinski is entering is a shooter-heavy one these days, with games like Overwatch and Battlefield 1 occupying various segments of the market and pulling in huge numbers. It’s been a long time since CliffyB put a fresh game in our hands, and he doesn’t have the Epic name to back him this time. Even if he can deliver, the world might not be paying attention. This closed beta could be a huge source of buzz if the game is ready for prime time, and I’m eager to see how people respond to it.