The Spike Video Game Awards are happening this upcoming Saturday night. Don't worry, if celebrating the year's best gaming titles and moments isn't necessarily something that gets you super excited, you may actually get jazzed for all the video game announcements happening at the show. Several upcoming announcements have already been confirmed for the show, including the premier of Alan Wake's next and an upcoming IP from BioWare.

Now, we know, announcing announcements isn't really all that exciting for those of us who'd rather just see the announcements instead of their teases, but, in a slow gaming news day, this is pretty much all we've got.

It's time to break out the thinking caps and get to work at figuring out what, exactly, Cliff Bleszinksi and Epic Games are planning for the VGAs. Bleszinksi took to a promo clip for the Spike Video Game Awards in order to announce that his studio will be announcing and unveiling a brand new experience for gamers. While they've been supporting Gears of War 3 and Infinity Blade, Epic Games in Cary, NC has also been working on something completely new.

What is it? We have no idea. When the Spike Video Game Awards happen, we'll be sure to get you coverage of all of the biggest moments and news. Until then, keep those thinking caps on and figure out what we should expect. If you do, we'll be sure to announce that you might announce another announcement for a new game announcement.

Spike will air the VGAs this upcoming Saturday night at 8pm EST.

[via Spike]