The Click and Grow is one of those appliances that you look at and sort of chuckle because it seems absurd. I say seems, because anyone can grow some peppers, flowers, basil any any other herb, right? Not this guy, you'd be amazed at how quickly I could end a plant's life.

So when the folks from Click and Grow offered to send us a unit to review, I said bring it on.

I love this little guy. A starter kit itself will run you $79 on the Click and Grow website. Each kit comes with a seed cartridge and a base unit that acts as the brains, water resevoir and a flower pot that reminds me of a Mac Mini. You can always buy replacement cartridge and comes in various seed types.

You supply the 4 AA batteries and a liter of water and you're set for some gardening. We received a basil starter kit, and after firing on our Click and Grow on a Thursday afternoon, we had sprouts by Monday morning. The instructions themselves said we'd see some sprouts after 10 days; results better than advertised. I'm sure results vary depending on your environment, for us we had our plant in our Irvine office where we are usually blessed with plenty of sunlight. Each cartridge claims plants will reach full size in three to four weeks and lives from eight to twelve months.

As you can see in our gallery the plant is growing exceptionally well. It is kind of nice having plants in the office, and not having to worry about killing them. I've tried numerous times to grow basil and other herbs at home, without under or over watering them and either not getting enough or giving too much sunlight. Like I said, I kill plants way too easy. In the three weeks or so since we've had the Click and Grow, the blinking light told me to refill the water reservoir and that was a solid two and a half weeks since we set it up. 

The Click and Grow is easy gardening without the guessing game. I will definitely pick up one of these for myself. You can get one at and other retail outlets.

4 out of 5