Jeff Anderson, the actor most famously remembered for playing Randal in Kevin Smith's Clerks movies, has signed up to provide his voice to a point and click adventure heavily inspired by the film series.

Randal's Monday is not a sequel to the films, but the similarities are impossible to overlook. Lots of geek references. Lots of irreverent humor. Lots of Randal.

The story itself comes from Groundhog's Day as Randal is forced to relive his horrible Monday over and over again, his curse for pawning his best friend's engagement ring after the proposal had already taken place. Randal must find a way to break the cycle and pay his rent after being fired without resorting to selling the ring. Of course, things get out of control as he constantly stumbles on hi-jinks that are bound to channel some of the more infamous moments of Kevin Smith's writing.

Rather than the movies though, Randal's Monday more closely resembles the over-the-top and infamously short-lived animated Clerks series. Crime, impossible situations, murderous coworkers with Wolverine claws, and a whole lot of instances which don't seem to logically fit together.

Randal's Monday

I'm not familiar with the game, but Anderson's involvement is sure to attract a lot of attention from Kevin Smith's loyal fans. Does he still have the same overflow of loyalty that he did in the late 90s though?