I still don't have Origin on my PC yet, but maybe it's time I finally did. I've always wanted to try the free game it is currently offering. Those who have EA's digital distribution service downloaded to their PC can now download Bullfrog's classic strategy game Syndicate free of charge.

And no, not the forgettable first-person shooter that EA tried to cash in on a few years ago. This is the original fan-favorite classic game, the one where you control a group of cyberpunk agents with the freedom to cause havoc and wreck the lives of businessmen, crime lords, government officials and civilians. Burn buildings, execute executives, recruit scientists and civilians, rescue allies.

You know, "take care of problems." I can't wait!

Normally the game is $4.99, but "free is free" after all. If you want the DRM-free version, that'll cost you an extra $10 on top of EA's normal price over at Act quickly because this deal could disappear at any time.