Dragon Quest Heroes II might be littered with a host of new age punks sitting in the protagonist chair, but luckily, Square Enix is backing them up with an even larger collection of familiar faces than the first Dragon Quest Heroes did.

Six characters will be making their debut in this charming sequel, and none is more important than Dragon Quest IV’s Torneko. The mustached merchant has been blessed with his own spin-off series in the past, and he’s something of a character mascot for everything goofy and weird about the franchise. I was surprised he didn’t make the cut for the first game, so, luckily, he’ll be around for the second round.

Joining him from Dragon Quest IV is Meena, the moderately clothed younger sister of fire dancer Maya, who will also be returning to the sequel. Dragon Quest IV veterans Alena and Kiryl will be joining them once again as well. Obviously, Japan loves the cast of Dragon Quest IV.

Square Enix has dropped the heavenly brides of Dragon Quest V from the roster, and they are skipping the game entirely to make another addition from Dragon Quest VI. Muscle bound Carver will be the brute among the new cast members and an obviously offensive player. Terry will also be returning from Dragon Quest VI’s line-up.

Dragon Quest VII was left out in the cold for the previous game, but Dragon Quest Heroes II will be adding two characters from the game to make up for the obvious oversight. Both the wolf rider Gabo and the fiery red-head Maribel represent their unrepresented game. And since North Americans will finally get to play the remake this summer, they’ll know who these characters are before diving in!

And lastly, Dragon Quest VIII surprisingly drops support for Yangus, a horrible low-blow if you ask me. However, he has been replaced by the crimson playboy, Angelo, which is a decent substitute. Naturally, Jessica is still an option for obvious reasons.

Dragon Quest IX’s Erinn also joins up to manage your party members, but the game has no character representation on the gameplay front. Dragon Quest IX was made entirely up of customized avatars, meaning there are no actual characters to recreate.

These wonderful additions will be joined by new monsters to battle against, and Yangus and the previous game’s entire roster will be made available through free DLC eventually. It’ll be a Dragon Quest party up in here!

Dragon Quest Heroes II will be released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita in Japan in 2016. No word on a localization just yet.