Firaxis and 2K have released a First Look video that briefly details Egypt and its ruler, Cleopatra.

The video briefly touches on Egypt’s special ability known as Eteru. Taking the Nile River as inspiration, Eteru lets Egyptian civs build districts and buildings faster if they’re located on a river. This alone should play a huge role into city set up and land settling.

In addition to the video, 2K and Firaxis sent over a press release that described both the Maryannu Chariot Archer Unit and the Sphinx Improvement.

Unique unit: Maryannu Chariot Archer The Maryannu Chariot Archer is a hereditary class of nobles riding in two-man light chariots. This style of chariot offered a stable base for archers and more room for ammunition, but had its limitations when it came to terrain. Horses and chariots posed maintenance complications, especially during longer campaigns, but the Maryannu were ultimately one of the more elite units in the pharaoh’s army.

Unique Improvement: Sphinx
The Egyptian sphinx is a mythical creature comprised of a human’s head atop a lion’s body. The sphinx was a common theme for pharaohs obsessed with strength, eternity and wisdom, and ranged in size from small to great – the latter of which is seen in the oldest known monumental sculpture existing today: the “Great Sphinx” of Giza.

Civilization VI will release for the PC platform on October 21, 2016. Stay tuned for more.