Civilization VI is officially a success. This comes after the weaker than typically received Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Last Friday, Firaxis used the official Civ Twitter account to announce that the game has sold more than one million copies.

Some of those players are playing concurrently, too, and over the weekend Civ VI was the most played game on Steam after Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Those two games, of course, are made by Valve. That makes Civilization VI the most played non-Valve game on Steam this weekend.

Civilization VI‘s biggest problem is its AI

If you play the game yourself on tougher difficulties or cruise some fan sites, you’ll quickly run into problems with the AI. I was dubbed a warmonger and attacked only 50 turns into my most recent game. What had I done? Nothing. In fact, I wasn’t even bothering with combat this round instead focusing entirely on early settlements and clearing out barbarian camps near my home city.

Fan sites spout more of the same. If that problem is addressed soon along with ironing out bugs with the UI, Civ VI could be the best ever.